Avon Collectibles

Collecting is a hobby that is made unique by each and every collector; no two collections are ever alike. Whether you collect candy dispensers, plush animals or vintage postcards, no one else has a collection exactly like yours. Many people start collecting as youngsters and develop a passion for those things which bring them hours of fascination and anticipation. There is nothing like finding an item to fill-in your collection. One of the most popular items being collected today are Avon Collectibles. This article will discuss several of the subsets in the world of collecting these items.People have been collecting various perfume and cologne products since the 1970’s. From cologne bottles, tea sets, steins, ornaments and collector plates, just to name a few, people have been looking high and low to add to, or complete their collections. The most popular subset being collected is cologne and perfume bottles. These bottles come in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. The bottle designs include animals, vehicles, lamps and just about anything else that they could fill with cologne. Most collectors require that the bottles be empty and clean and that the labels be attached and in good condition. There is usually a premium for the original box.There are numerous avenues that collectors use to add to their collections. Probably the most common way is to visit local garage sales and flea markets. You never know when you’ll stumble up another collector who is trying to make room for additional pieces and finds it necessary to purge their collection. Networking with other collectors is another way to find items for your collection. There are dozens of forums and blogs that cater to specific collectors. Surfing the web will provide hundreds of websites devoted to collecting perfume and cologne bottles. Most of these sites will have classified listings offering items for sale, those that are wanted and links to just about anything related to your collection.If collecting cologne bottles isn’t your thing, people are also collecting dealer and/or representative awards and products. These items were usually awarded to representatives as incentives or performance awards. Since these items weren’t produced in mass, they can be more difficult to find, but provide a real challenge and excellent side collection for those interested in branching out. What about collecting ornaments or thimbles? There is something to interest just about anyone.To conclude, there are many options for collectors interested in collecting Avon Collectibles. Just remember to have fun and take your time looking for just the right piece. Don’t buy something just to fill a hole in your collection. Make each purchase something to remember and you’ll be talking about it for years to come.