Jewelry Boxes For Storing and Protecting Jewelry

Jewelry belongs to the small category of things that are very small and very valuable. Unfortunately this means that they are easily lost and easily damaged. The fact is, most jewelry is too expensive to risk being lost or damaged, so proper storage and jewelry boxes are necessary.

There are many different options for storage boxes that go beyond traditional jewelry boxes. There is a jewelry cabinet, wall mounts, boxes, trays, hanging hangers, and drawers. All of these storage options are designed for convenience, organization and protection.

Jewelery cabinets and chests are exactly what they sound like. These boxes are like mini furniture specially designed for storing jewelry. Both come with multiple drawers to organize different styles of jewelry.

Hanging organizers and wall mounts are two other great options for storage and organization. Unlike traditional jewelry boxes, these displays allow all jewelry to be viewed at once in a vertical view. This type of storage option is usually best suited for necklaces and bracelets.

Jewelery drawers and trays fit in existing boxes and drawers. The main purpose of this tray is organization. Most are lined for protection and come with compartments of various sizes. The type of storage option you choose for your personal jewelry collection depends largely on the size and value of the collection.

For large collections, with lots of very valuable jewelry, it’s a good idea to invest in a wardrobe or jewelry chest with locking features. Smaller and less valuable jewelry collections can be stored in any way the owner wishes. Organization and protection are really two things to look for when choosing a jewelry storage box. Many of these boxes can be found at discounted prices on online jewelry box wholesale sites.