How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

There are several important things to consider when deciding on the perfect wedding jewelry. You want the cut to complement your wedding dress, so it should be selected first. Once you have the perfect wedding dress, then it is time for accessories.

The color of your dress will play a role in the jewelry you choose. Gold jewelry can often clash with bright white dresses, so it’s best to stick with pearl or platinum jewelry. The diamond white dress is barely white. Gold can go with it, but so can silver, rose gold, or pearls. This is perhaps the most versatile color. Ivory dresses can appear to have an almost yellow undertone, so wearing pearl white can make them look gloomy or dirty. Ivory dresses look best with gold jewelry.

The next thing to note is the neck cut. A lover’s neckline or strapless dress can look great with or without a necklace. If you prefer not to wear a necklace, replace it with a pair of fabulous chandelier earrings. You can use clear crystal for a sleek, modern look or make it a little more fun by adding a splash of color. Much of this will depend on your personality and the overall style of your wedding.

The V-neck dress asks for a necklace. You can choose a pendant or a choker, depending on whether you want a simple classic look or something more elegant. Make sure the earrings don’t go over the necklace. A halter or reverse halter dress doesn’t really require a necklace, but it sure does some stunning earrings. This dress style looks great with a dramatic updo hairstyle, so the earrings will look full. You can also complete your hairstyle with some decorative pins and hair jewelry. Make sure it doesn’t clash with the earrings. Even incorporating a matching bracelet into the look is eye-catching.

Remember that whatever jewelry you choose, don’t overdo it. It’s tempting to decorate yourself as much as possible, but you don’t want your jewelry to shine or overpower you! Your wedding accessories should complement your outfit and style, but they are only accessories, not the main event!

Your wedding jewelery should reflect who you are and your personality. If you are not the type of girl who is big and likes earrings, then go for simple studs. It’s your day, so you have to wear what makes you happy, whether it’s according to the “rules” or not. If you’re going to spend money on jewelry for your wedding, you don’t want to only wear it once. Make sure that it is something you can pull off for special occasions again and again.